Chris Ericson

Beacon, NY

Brands: Nordica, POC

Was there a kid in your high school who was, like, super super good at everything? You know, the straight-A, super athlete, real mature kid that all the kids liked but you wanted to secretly give a noogie but you never would because he was way too nice and would be able to beat you up anyway, and even if you had noogied him you would have hated yourself for doing it? And all the teachers and even the principal would, like, ask his opinion because it was always a really good opinion and always right? Kids like that grow up to be Chris Ericsons. Oh, and he’s funnier than you too.

Chris teaches skiing at Belleayre Mountain in NY, and is an Examiner for the Professional Ski Instructors of America-Eastern Division. In his free time he’s a bigwig with the Department of Health.

“Sure, it’s fun chasing epidemiological outbreaks and reading the dirty restaurant reports, but the reaction you get from someone after you coached them how to carve a tight corridor or accomplish that bump run, can be pretty amazing.”

Chris’ most memorable ski moment: Scoring Glen Plake on his PSIA Level III Children’s and Youth Module. Glen picked the card that said “Develop a lesson plan for three 12-year old boys who want to learn how to ski the bumps.” He crushed it — of course.