Colleen O’Neil

Colleen lives on her bike. Literally. That is, of course, unless she’s doing massive trail runs, or taking killer photographs. Bicycle tour guide for Wilderness Voyageurs, Tour Divide Finisher (that’s racing from Canada to Mexico--unsupported--across the top of the Rocky Mountains), multi-month bicycle tourist (along with husband Montana, also a Tour Divide Finisher). In between bike rides that would incapacitate most of us, Colleen enjoys running uber long distances on amazingly bony hiking trails; most recently she ran a stage of a 50k relay race on the Pennsylvania’s (in)famous Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. To finance her adventure addictions--and her self-expression addictions--Colleen heads up the photography department at Wilderness Voyageurs. You can see some of her photos on Instagram @colleencolleen_