Human beings have been making art for at least 40,000 years, and the human beings featured here are no different. The particular human beings on this page are doing some stuff we really like so we think you should check them out. We bet you’ll like them as much as we like them. If you do like them as much as we like them please consider supporting their craft; it makes the world go ‘round.


Matt Fithian ~ March 2019

I've been involved with the ski industry for a long time and I love ski tech--like carbon, titanium, Flextrak Edge Amplifiers, and Xecarb coreframes--but, Hot Damn, there's nothing cooler than someone making their own stuff and using it. Well, except for when that stuff is fashionable, functional, and sustainable. Matt Fithian makes fashionable, functional, sustainable ski poles that work. Period.

I run into legit locals on the ski hill riding with Matt's poles. Lots of people ask about them. Lots of people wish they had them. And lots of people know the dudes and dudettes out there ripping with them look cooler than they do.

Check out Matt's work. Even better, order a set of his poles. You'll be on the waiting list, but spring is here so you'll have all summer to fantasize about how rad you'll be next winter.

Tina Buckley ~ March 2019


I love the practical simplicity of common sense. Not that I have any (as Amanda will attest) but I do appreciate it in others. I took a ski clinic from Tina Buckley one time. After giving us a task to perform (or attempt to perform) Tina skied up to me and asked, “What color are your skis?” “Blue,” I responded. “Good, then you can quit staring at them as you ski.” Busted, point well taken.

Tina moved from Germany to the States in 1997 to stay for one year. Twenty-two years and three children later, she’s still here, and we’re lucky to have her. She’s an EMT, a tutor, a teacher, a ski instructor and coach, a member of the elite Professional Ski Instructors of America-Eastern Division Advanced Children’s Educators Team, a hockey player, a paddle boarder, a hiker, a swimmer, an animal lover, a wife, a river guide, an artist, and a philanthropist.

Tina crochets beautiful, high-quality hats. She makes trays out of beer bottle caps. She paints. She screens custom t-shirts. She sews fleece blankets, and donates fleece and crocheted hats to the neonatal unit at her local hospital.

Feeling inferior yet? It’s okay; take a minute to check out some of Tina’s artwork, then get off your lazy ass and go make something. Or go ski. Or paddle board. Or learn a second language. Or donate something to the neonatal unit...

Nick Dywer ~ February 2019

Nick Dwyer speaks softly and carries a big stick. Actually several big sticks. In the winter the big stick is a ski pole, or sometimes the handle of a toboggan, as a ski patroller at Park City and Canyons, Utah. And as an instructor at Solitudes. In the summer his big stick is a whitewater paddle as a river guide at our favorite outfitters, Wilderness Voyageurs, in Ohiopyle, PA. And that’s not all the cool shit Nick does, either; he’s a rock climber, and a snowboarder, too, and I’ve seen him ride a bicycle, but those things don’t lend themselves to big stick analogies as easily, so cut me some slack.

Nick also carries a bunch of little sticks. Well, colored pencils, actually. And when he’s out shredding the gnar on some Adrenaline Enhancing Device, he’s also on the lookout for the next inspiration for his next piece of art. Check out his stuff and you’ll see what we mean.

Born in Pittsburgh, forged in Mother Nature. Making his mark on the snow, in the water, on rock and dirt, and on paper.



Robyn Smigel ~ February 2019



Sue Kramer ~ January 2019



Sean McCarthy ~ January 2019