Human beings have been making art for at least 40,000 years, and the human beings featured here are no different. The particular human beings on this page are doing some stuff we really like so we think you should check them out. We bet you’ll like them as much as we like them. If you do like them as much as we like them please consider supporting their craft; it makes the world go ‘round.


Rob Stinogle ~ April 2019

Rob Stinogle makes portraits that SPEAK. There's an empathic connection between Rob and his subject you can detect, feel when looking at his art. His subjects are varied and seemed to me, at first, disconnected until I realized the common thread: they all have GREAT FACES. Abraham Lincoln, Tesla, Tyson, Gollum, Bette Midler, Chewbacca. The list goes on. Scrolling his IG feed, I found myself staring at the eyes of the portraits, trying to identify, with precision, the emotion behind each face, the emotion Rob thought was behind each face. His knack is uncanny. After a bit I realized something about his other IG posts too: they exude emotion, usually fun, excitement, joy. They SPEAK. This dude loves his family, loves his friends, loves to climb, loves to bike, loves to LIVE. Check out Rob's art; we think you'll dig it, and him, as much as we do.


Seth Pitt ~ April 2019


I walked into Creature, Seth’s gallery in Thomas, WV, after hearing over and over again, from a shit-tonne of friends, how awesome this dude’s work is, and I felt like I got punched in the lungs. There are a handful of artists: Russ Pope, Don Pendleton, Nora Thompson, Sophie Corrigan, whose art I really like, REALLY like. Like I purposefully check their feeds if the mysterious-o IG algorithms aren’t giving me an adequate fix, LIKE. When I followed Seth on IG and scoped his feed I LIKED his work. A LOT. And then Amanda and I stopped in Creature on our way home from a ski day at Whitegrass Ski Touring Center, in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia. Seth wasn’t in, but Christine was super friendly and gave us the scoop. (Side note: The whole Canaan Valley is magical--the people, the landscape, the art, the food. And Seth fits right in.) I was completely unprepared for the emotion coming off of his Creatures of the Heart and Someworld work. I stood there like a goon, choked up, taking as much of it in as I could. There’s so much to look at in one of his pieces trying to describe it is pointless. Just go look. And tell your friends. Thanks, Seth.


Matt Fithian ~ March 2019



Tina Buckley ~ March 2019



Nick Dywer ~ February 2019



Robyn Smigel ~ February 2019



Sue Kramer ~ January 2019



Sean McCarthy ~ January 2019