Human beings have been making art for at least 40,000 years, and the human beings featured here are no different. The particular human beings on this page are doing some stuff we really like so we think you should check them out. We bet you’ll like them as much as we like them. If you do like them as much as we like them please consider supporting their craft; it makes the world go ‘round.


Sue Kramer ~ January 2019

Sue Kramer wears a bunch of different hats. Which is pretty cool because she also makes hats. And she makes pottery. And she makes sliding barn doors. And she coaches ski racers and ski instructors. And she writes books.

Sue is true Renaissance Woman, a Jane-of-all-Trades, and a Master of more than a few. She believes every day is a fresh start. “There are no resolutions; every day presents opportunities to grow, create, rejoice in the natural world, and take on whatever life brings.” Sue believes failure is an opportunity, and tenacity, patience, and stubbornness are virtues.

Two master’s degrees: one in ceramics, the other in exercise science (one for each side of her brain). Beautiful crocheted hats, vibrant pottery, a book about fitness and skiing. Alpine Examiner for the Professional Ski Instructors of America-Eastern Division, Head Coach for the PSIA-E/AASI Advanced Children’s Educators, Head Coach of the Bromley Outing Club. When does she fit it all in? We don’t know, but we’re glad she does. Check out her work…



Sean McCarthy ~ January 2019

Sean McCarthy talks fast. And as you’re trying to keep up you’ll realize the dude is smart. Wicked smart. And funny. Born and braised in Pittsburgh, PA, Sean’s been to every show, every opening. He’s bounced at the coolest bars; he’s roadied for the coolest bands. He’s been in movies. He’s been a snowboard instructor. He’s even been a roller derby coach. He’s a virtual encyclopedia of music and film; he’s seen every documentary, and he saw them six months before you even heard of them. He’s a family man. He’ll school you on politics, and he’ll recommend the best tacos.

Oh, yeah, he’s also an artist. Sean is owner of Jester’s Court Tattoos and operates several locations in the Pittsburgh area. We love his work and think you should check him out.