Human beings have been making art for at least 40,000 years, and the human beings featured here are no different. The particular human beings on this page are doing some stuff we really like so we think you should check them out. We bet you’ll like them as much as we like them. If you do like them as much as we like them please consider supporting their craft; it makes the world go ‘round.


Lee Ralph ~ August 2019

We saw pictures of Lee Ralph in Thrasher Magazine in the 1980s: gnarly tricks, gnarly teeth, gnarly clothes, gnarly bare feet. Fucking gnarly. And a grin you could feel through the magazine pages. Kiwi attitude, and an energy different from the other influencers of the time. We loved how real he was, how raw he was. He had a no-excuses mentality: "Skateboarding all day is what you should be doing," emphasis on 'should'. His Vision Skateboards graphic, The Contortionist, is epic, and 30-something years after it was released, a tattoo of it on my arm, and the power of digital communication, makes it possible for us to feature Lee as one of out featured artists. And we are STOKED. Check out Lee’s art on Instagram @lee_ralph01


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