Matt Fithian

I've been involved with the ski industry for a long time and I love ski tech--like carbon, titanium, Flextrak Edge Amplifiers, and Xecarb coreframes--but, Hot Damn, there's nothing cooler than someone making their own stuff and using it. Well, except for when that stuff is fashionable, functional, and sustainable. Matt Fithian makes fashionable, functional, sustainable ski poles that work. Period.

I run into legit locals on the ski hill riding with Matt's poles. Lots of people ask about them. Lots of people wish they had them. And lots of people know the dudes and dudettes out there ripping with them look cooler than they do.

Check out Matt's work. Even better, order a set of his poles. You'll be on the waiting list, but spring is here so you'll have all summer to fantasize about how rad you'll be next winter.