Mike Logsdon


Ever seen ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks? Well, it should have been called ‘Big’ with Mike Logsdon. This dude is the Real Deal. The 17-year-old in the 50-something body. The boy who would be king who stayed a boy. Nobody, NOBODY, fuels the stoke like Logsdon.

ABOUTS: His daughter, Erin. Music, DRUMS! Skiing bumps like a machine. Riding bikes like a machine. Surfing like a machine. Only a machine with soul. Windy walks on the beach. Artwork and design. Mike is a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America-Eastern Division Education Staff, and teaches skiing at Liberty Mountain, PA.

NOT-ABOUTS: Wearing a suit. Stepping on Legos in bare feet. Harshing anyone’s mellow.

Instagram @logsdon.pilotz