Nick Dwyer

Nick Dwyer speaks softly and carries a big stick. Actually several big sticks. In the winter the big stick is a ski pole, or sometimes the handle of a toboggan, as a ski patroller at Park City and Canyons, Utah. And as an instructor at Solitudes. In the summer his big stick is a whitewater paddle as a river guide at our favorite outfitters, Wilderness Voyageurs, in Ohiopyle, PA. And that’s not all the cool shit Nick does, either; he’s a rock climber, and a snowboarder, too, and I’ve seen him ride a bicycle, but those things don’t lend themselves to big stick analogies as easily, so cut me some slack.

Nick also carries a bunch of little sticks. Well, colored pencils, actually. And when he’s out shredding the gnar on some Adrenaline Enhancing Device, he’s also on the lookout for the next inspiration for his next piece of art. Check out his stuff and you’ll see what we mean.

Born in Pittsburgh, forged in Mother Nature. Making his mark on the snow, in the water, on rock and dirt, and on paper.