Rob Stinogle

Rob Stinogle makes portraits that SPEAK. There's an empathic connection between Rob and his subject you can detect, feel when looking at his art. His subjects are varied and seemed to me, at first, disconnected until I realized the common thread: they all have GREAT FACES. Abraham Lincoln, Tesla, Tyson, Gollum, Bette Midler, Chewbacca. The list goes on. Scrolling his IG feed, I found myself staring at the eyes of the portraits, trying to identify, with precision, the emotion behind each face, the emotion Rob thought was behind each face. His knack is uncanny. After a bit I realized something about his other IG posts too: they exude emotion, usually fun, excitement, joy. They SPEAK. This dude loves his family, loves his friends, loves to climb, loves to bike, loves to LIVE. Check out Rob's art; we think you'll dig it, and him, as much as we do.

Time-lapse of me painting Delicate Arch. Oil on wood, 36x48" Music - Steady Shock by Girl Talk