Seth Pitt

I walked into Creature, Seth’s gallery in Thomas, WV, after hearing over and over again, from a shit ton of friends, how awesome this dude’s work is, and I felt like I got punched in the lungs. There are a handful of artists: Russ Pope, Don Pendleton, Nora Thompson, Sophie Corrigan, whose art I really like, REALLY like. Like I purposefully check their feeds if the mysterious-o IG algorithms aren’t giving me an adequate fix, LIKE. When I followed Seth on IG and scoped his feed I LIKED his work. A LOT. And then Amanda and I stopped in Creature on our way home from a ski day at White Grass, WV, in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia. Seth wasn’t in, but Christine was super friendly and gave us the scoop. (Side note: The whole Canaan Valley is magical--the people, the landscape, the art, the food. And Seth fits right in.) I was completely unprepared for the emotion coming off of his Creatures of the Heart and Someworld work. I stood there like a goon, choked up, taking as much of it in as I could. There’s so much to look at in one of his pieces trying to describe it is pointless. Just go look. And tell your friends. 

Creatures of the Heart

Small Tales