Sue Kramer

Many of my interactions with Sue Kramer have involved skiing down some ridiculous, icy pitch performing some Stupid Human Trick during some high-pressure tryout for some team position with the Education Staff of the Professional Ski Instructors of America while she stands below, holding a golf pencil, watching, judging, and scoring. Her poker face is amazing. I'm not so sure wanting to have her art on the NC site isn't a sign that I have Stockholm Syndrome from those tryout experiences, but when I saw her pottery I knew I wanted to feature it. And then I learned about her hats. And the book. And the barn doors.

There's more to Sue than first glance reveals. Sue's left brain has a master's degree in exercise science, and coaches high-end ski instructors and ski racers. Oh, and writes and publishes exercise science books to make us all better athletes. Her right brain has a master's degree in ceramics, and crochets beautiful hats so we all look nice and stay warm at the ski hill. It also makes vibrant pottery, and even refurbishes barn doors.

You can try to track Sue down coaching ski racers at Bromley Mountain in Vermont, or training ski instructors as an Examiner for Professional Ski Instructors of America- Eastern Division, but you'll probably have more luck perusing some of her art here and reaching out to her at We love her stuff and think you will too.