Tina Buckley

I love the practical simplicity of common sense. Not that I have any (as Amanda will attest) but I do appreciate it in others. I took a ski clinic from Tina Buckley one time. After giving us a task to perform (or attempt to perform) Tina skied up to me and asked, “What color are your skis?” “Blue,” I responded. “Good, then you can quit staring at them as you ski.” Busted, point well taken.

Tina moved from Germany to the States in 1997 to stay for one year. Twenty-two years and three children later, she’s still here, and we’re lucky to have her. She’s an EMT, a tutor, a teacher, a ski instructor and coach, a member of the elite Professional Ski Instructors of America-Eastern Division Advanced Children’s Educators Team, a hockey player, a paddle boarder, a hiker, a swimmer, an animal lover, a wife, a river guide, an artist, and a philanthropist.

Tina crochets beautiful, high-quality hats. She makes trays out of beer bottle caps. She paints. She screens custom t-shirts. She sews fleece blankets, and donates fleece and crocheted hats to the neonatal unit at her local hospital.

Feeling inferior yet? It’s okay; take a minute to check out some of Tina’s artwork, then get off your lazy ass and go make something. Or go ski. Or paddle board. Or learn a second language. Or donate something to the neonatal unit...